Environmentally friendly savings from the ground up.

Geothermal heat pumps are the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally clean heating and cooling system available. Replacing your aging HVAC system with a geothermal solution can reduce the amount of pollution produced equivalent to driving 140,000 fewer miles in your car. But reducing emissions is just one of the many great reasons to love geothermal energy.

Saves you money

Geothermal systems are extremely cost-effective and will start saving you money on your heating and cooling bills on day one. Plus, if your home is older, you can avoid ongoing repair and maintenance costs by investing in modern energy technology that is much more efficient and reliable.

Provides consistent comfort

When it comes to delivering consistent, even comfort with no hot or cold spots, it’s hard to beat geothermal. You and your family will be comfortable year-round.

Better for the planet

By implementing geothermal in your home or business, you can reduce your energy consumption and corresponding emissions by more than 70% compared to electric resistance heating with standard air-conditioning equipment. Replacing an HVAC system with a geothermal system is like planting 750 trees. Talk about feeling good!

Safe and clean

Geothermal systems rely on the Earth’s own energy to heat and cool your home or business. There are no flames, no flue, no gasses or fumes, and no odors—just safe, reliable operation year after year. And, by eliminating outdoor units, the system is safe from extreme temperatures, dirt, pollution, or vandalism.


Geothermal systems are compatible with practically any home or business, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions. And because they are quiet, they can operate in virtually any environment without disturbing you or others.

Unearth a mountain of benefits.

The more you dig into geothermal, the more there is to love. Schedule a visit with one of our consultants and prepare to be amazed.

Surveys of geothermal users conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy and utility companies nationwide indicate a higher level of consumer satisfaction for geothermal heat pumps than for ordinary systems:


  • 99% would recommend the system to family and friends
  • 95% said overall operation met or exceeded their expectations
  • 94% said they would buy a geothermal system again

Feel great

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are at least three times more efficient than fossil fuel systems. On average, geothermal systems:


  • Use 48% less primary energy than natural gas
  • Use 33% less primary energy than air-source heat pumps
  • Use 33% less refrigerant required than air-source heat pumps and central air conditioners
  • Can be up to 65% less expensive to operate than propane (depending on the price of fuel)

Save energy

Geothermal systems are exceptionally efficient and have a lower lifecycle cost than ordinary heating and cooling systems.


  • Save 30–70% on average monthly heating bills
  • Save 20–50% on average monthly cooling mode
  • Save 26% on installations via federal geothermal tax credit
  • Check with Xcel Energy and Poudre Valley REA for possible rebates

Save money

We have used Chris and the crew at Perfect temp for several decades to service not only our home, but our rental properties. They have been extremely responsive to our needs and have dealt with service and repairs professionally and with good quality. We had geothermal put into our home about 10 years ago and Chris managed the process completely. We recommend the company without reservation.
– Krista and Eric Fuhrmann

If you care about the environment, creating a comfortable home or business, and saving money, you owe it to yourself to explore geothermal—a great energy solution for so many reasons!